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Our Staff


Mclachlan, Kurt Principal
Pfau, Ms. Megan Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Aguayo, Mrs. Krystina Office Technician
Markley, Mrs. Teri Administrative Secretary
Pepple, Mrs. Kris Cafeteria Manager
Schweitzer, Mrs. Susan Nurse
Spinning, Mr. Charlie Sr. Custodian


Cowlin, Ms. Lisa Library Clerk
Dockery, Miss Evelyn Library Clerk
Lopez, Mrs. Doreen Health Technician
Russo, Ms. Michelle PE Assistant Coach

Instructional Aides

Cade, Mrs. Brenda Resource IA
Caveti, Ms. Bridgette Resource IA
Coleman, Ms. Christy SDC IA
Houghton, Ms. Teresa SDC IA
Hubacek, Mrs. Chasity ELD IA
Hughes, Ms. Sherry SDC IA
Massey, Ms. Wendy SDC IA
Short, Miss Julie SDC IA
Simpson, Mr. Jason PBIS IA
Trujillo, Ms. Angelica ELD IA

Kindergarten Teachers

Cowan, Ms. Margaret Kindergarten Teacher, HQT
McCarrick, Mrs. Kristen Kindergarten Teacher, HQT
McNally, Mr. Donovan Kindergarten Teacher, HQT
Schultz, Mrs. Grace Kindergarten Teacher, HQT

1st Grade Teachers

Billig, Mrs. Jennifer 1st Grade Teacher, HQT
Conway, Mrs. Suzanne 1st Grade Teacher, HQT
Peters, Mrs. Gina 1st Grade Teacher, HQT
Petke, Mr. James (760) 365-3381 ex.3214 1st Grade Teacher, HQT

2nd Grade Teachers

Gattuso, Mrs. Amy 2nd Teacher, HQT
Gueltzow, Mrs. Kimberly 2nd Grade Teacher, HQT
Ruppert, Mrs. Laurette 2nd Grade Teacher, HQT

3rd Grade

Farison, Mr. Mark 3rd Grade Teacher, HQT
Nissen, Mr. Earl 3rd/4th Grade Teacher, HQT
Pytlak, Mrs. Amanda 3rd Grade Teacher, HQT
Webster, Mrs. Katherine 3rd Grade Teacher, HQT

4th Grade Teachers

Bush, Mrs. Laura 4th Grade Teacher, HQT
Melly, Mrs. Lauren 4th Grade Teacher, HQT
Micklus, Ms. Patricia 4th/5th GradeTeacher, HQT
Nissen, Mr. Earl 3rd/4th Grade Teacher, HQT

5th Grade Teachers

Amosa, Mrs. 5th Grade Teacher, HQT
Micklus, Ms. Patricia 4th/5th GradeTeacher, HQT
Tate, Mr. Shawn 5th Grade Teacher, HQT

6th Grade Teachers

Calhoun, Mrs. Jessica 6th Grade Teacher, HQT
McCallum, Mr. Kojo 6th Grade Teacher, HQT
Tate, Mrs. Katherine 6th Grade Teacher, HQT

Special Day Class

Hevy, Ms. Jennifer Special Day Class Teacher, HQT

Special Programs

Bishop, Mr. Doug PE Teacher, HQT
Johnson, Mrs. Shawna IPass Teacher, HQT
King, Ms. Cynthia Resource Teacher, HQT
Misa, Mrs. Julie Speech Teacher
Turk, Ms. Kristina ELL Teacher, HQT
Williams, Mrs. Lorna Resource Teacher, HQT

What does "HQT" mean?

A key goal of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is that every student will receive instruction from a “highly qualified” teacher (HQT). To be considered “highly qualified” under NCLB, a teacher of core academic content must possess:

1.      A bachelor’s degree

2.      A teaching or intern credential, and

3.      Demonstrated core academic subject matter competence

The core academic content areas include: multiple/general subjects, English, reading/language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics/government, economics, history, geography, and the arts.

YVES Support Staff

Noontime Supervisors

Tyler Crouch (sub)

Jessica Howe

Heather Totten

Nicki Palacios



Andrea Hartley

Feli Flores



Tony Cruz